August 26, 2002

Builder goes beyond barrier-free to create accessible homes
The Minneapolis Star Tribune has a nice article about a builder who builds accessible houses for people. His attention to detail is pretty obvious from reading the article. Check it out.

"It took a lot of looking to find some of these things," Regel said. Finding a side-open oven supplier took seven months, and it took years to find a window that can be opened with one lever. One research method was basic: "I rolled around in a wheelchair to get an idea of what's needed," Regel said. ... Some of these efforts might become commonplace as more builders follow a movement called universal design, "which is concerned with making many areas of life . . . better fit the needs of a wider range of the population," Sprague said. Three main features of universal design are stepless entries, wide doorways and open floor plans, with "all important living features on the main level." Sprague said the additional cost for such features is small.

[thanks Caryn!]

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