June 12, 2006

More Blogs About UPA 2006

I've updated the UPA Conference Wiki to include a list of bloggers who've posted something (so far) about the UPA 2006 conference. To login to the UPA Conference Wiki, use a password of "upa".
UPA 2006 Conference - Monday

This week I'm at the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) Conference, just outside of Denver, Colorado. It's only Monday, and I'm already meeting new people and learning new things. The number of people trying to make more usable products around the world is really amazing. There's a great amount of international attendees. Last night I had dinner with 3 other people from the U.S., 2 from the UK, 2 from Hong Kong, and one from New Zealand. I guess it's not really surprising since UPA now actually has more chapters outside of the U.S. than within the U.S., but it's definitely exciting to find that such a diverse group shares the common language of "usability."

Here are some UPA 2006 photos from Daniel Szuc of Apogee Usability Asia (in Hong Kong). Hopefully other attendees will add to the set as the conference proceeds.