November 17, 2003

UIs aren't DIY

Sound & Video Contractor magazine (surprisingly enough) has a nice succinct article on why you shouldn't think of user interfaces as DIY (do-it-yourself).

"The same now holds true for user interfaces. When designing products or services for your customers, don't entrust the task of user interface design to amateurs. Whether you choose to use in-house personnel or consultants, make sure you use someone with experience in designing user interfaces — someone who knows how to find usability problems.

"Why risk alienating a customer because of a poorly designed interface? Many people have heard the buzzword intuitive applied to user interfaces. Make sure the interface is intuitive to the customer who has never used, or has little experience with, your product or service, not the person who just spent the past 24 months developing it."

Read the full article:Don't Try This at Home