November 26, 2005

Workers Waste 10% of Their Time Fighting with Technology

From We have the technology, now tell us how to use it

"OFFICE workers waste up to a month a year trying to figure out how to use their computers properly because modern technology is so complicated, a new study warns.

Trying to get their heads round difficult programmes on the PC is costing firms both time and money, often because no-one has taught employees what to do."

"The survey of 500 workers and 300 bosses by the training body City & Guilds found that workers spent 10 per cent of their time battling against computer programmes or getting to grips with phones, handheld devices and other gadgets, equating to a month a year.

Thirty-seven per cent say they are frustrated by not being able to handle the technology.

About a third (32 per cent) of workers say they have failed to receive training from their company to teach them to use the technology in the office."