January 09, 2003

How what we do compares to art and porn
I laughed out loud today reading this bit from Boxes and Arrows:

"Boxes and Arrows was born in 2002. We came into the world in March like a lion, and swore to write about “what we do” even though we couldn't agree what that was or what to call it. Like art or porn, we agreed we knew it when we saw it, and that was good enough. As the year unfolded, we discovered “it” was strategy and practice, design and evaluation, and most of all understanding and empathy for users and business. We definitely design, but we design more than just an interface or just a sitemap. We discovered we need a vast variety of skills to do our jobs well. And we need to do our jobs well to survive."

Christina has a great writing style and often makes me laugh while making an excellent point.

January 08, 2003

Do Not Reply to This Message Directly
Susan Weinschenk tells a good story of bad online banking customer service.