April 18, 2008

Disconnect for a day!

Reading this article:Movement grows for digital day of rest, I had to chuckle. Every year I make a point to vacation in a place where I absolutely can't get online. My favorite is the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota (Quetico on the Canadian side)...it's glorious. No electricity, no Internet, no cell phone coverage in most areas, no running water, no TV, no radio...I bring no electronics (although I'm thinking about bringing my handheld GPS this year for routing purposes). It's a wilderness. One year I brought a portable depth finder for fishing...but only one year.

The peace and quiet is wonderful. You learn to appreciate the small things. Hot macaroni and cheese never tasted so good as after a long day's canoe paddle, setting up camp, collecting and purifying water by hand, and cooking dinner over a camp stove or your fire.

Check out from civilization for a day or two...you'll love it...and appreciate civilization more when you get back. It's an experience that everyone should have.