May 07, 2008

Topping the list of things neither you nor your CIO ever want to know...

How To Master Microsoft Windows System Restore Points (CIO Magazine)

The fact that a magazine aimed at CIO's and technology leadership feels this kind of article relevant strikes me as a very telling statement on the state of technology today.

See also:
- Anti-virus tools
- Backup software
- Version Control tools
- PC Data Migration kits

Other candidates for the Top Ten List of Things You (and your CIO) Never Wanted to Learn About:
- How to Make Your Own Circuit Boards
- How to Resole Shoes
- How to Ride the Bus for Free in Santiago, Chile
- How to Freeze Your Dog's Poop
- 10 Ways to Get Kicked Off a Plane
- How to Adjust Your Car's Timing Belt
- Three Ways to Hypnotize a Chicken
- How to Make Handmade Paper in 10 Easy Steps
- How to Empty a Septic Tank
- How to Master the Etch-A-Sketch