March 19, 2002

This week's boxes
Boxes and Arrows just published two new articles. One covering how to define Information Architecture, and another that's a review of the Nielsen Norman Group report "Intranet Design Annual: The Ten Best Intranets of 2001". I recently read the NNG report, and I pretty much agree with Jeff Lash's review -- it's a decent report in that it provides snapshots of some interesting intranet sites. One slight misnomer is the report's name implies it covers "intranets", but it really covers "intranet sites" or sites on my world there's a huge difference. At my company, we have (only) one intranet with literally hundreds of sites on it.

I'm scheduled to give a review of the NNG report and a couple of other recent research reports at an upcoming UPA-MN meeting. Jeff Lash probably just made my work a lot easier.

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