March 19, 2002

Adaptive Path Tour 2002
Guru's on parade...coming to one of five cities near you this year. If their tour is as good as their past presentations look, it should be worthwhile. Now if I could just become a professional Usability/IA "groupie" and attend all these conferences and other events like CHI, IA Summit, SXSW, and UPA, year round, I'd really be having some fun! But alas, like Christina said, sometimes you just have to go create something. I think that's to keep some kind of brain equilibrium established. After you fill your brain with a bunch of Usability/IA wisdom from the gurus, eventually you need some kind of outlet or your brain will implode. Why would it implode rather than explode? Because Jared says good content sucks.

Apologies to JJG for once again using the dreaded Usability/IA phrase! :)

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