February 14, 2002

How OS "upgrades" don't make 'da grade
Excellent post (a "ManifOSto") and very lively discussion at Signal vs. Noise about things an operating system upgrade should do (or not do). The discussion covers a lot of areas including future direction of desktop metaphors.

It's wishful thinking, but an ideal operating system should...
  1. Run on my current hardware.
  2. Require equal or less system memory than the previous OS.
  3. Require equal or slightly more hard drive space (for the core functionality) than the previous OS.
  4. Run as fast or faster than the previous OS on the same hardware.
  5. Include the previous GUI skin as an optional install.
  6. Back itself up. Automatically.
  7. Not reduce any of my peripherals to paperweights.
  8. Allow me to do more with my computer than the previous OS.
  9. Display error messages a human without a computer science degree can understand.
  10. Not reduce me to a quivering ball of cytoplasm when things go wrong.

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