May 01, 2006

Online Photo Editor - A Lightweight PhotoShop Anywhere?
A new web application called Phixr (pronounced "fixer") is pretty slick. After playing with the online demo a bit, I'm impressed. You can do basic photo editing:
- resizing
- cropping
- red-eye removal
- rotating
- sharpening / blurring
- adding borders
- adding text
- and a number of other functions

What's impressive is it looks like the designers boiled photo editing down to the key 20% of functionality people need 80% of the time. The result is a nice, lightweight web app that does what many people need to do. It's also (for a photo editor) a pretty simple user interface - with nice previews of changes before they are executed, as well as undo and redo functions.

There are a number of improvements that can be made to the app, but it's still noteworthy as a rather simple photo editor, that's free, and requires no software installation.

Try out Phixr

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P.Arora said...

I came across this online photo editor a while ago...even though the website is not the prettiest on the block but I found the application to be easy to kinda makes the application transparent to the user by letting them perform the task effectively.