May 02, 2006

Card Sorting - The Book

A book in progress by Donna Maurer. Publisher: Rosenfeld Media. Anticipated publication date: January, 2007

Donna has been writing her weblog, DonnaM, since 2002, and is a Very Sharp Cookie. Donna says that many of the existing resources on card sorting don't answer the majority of questions practitioners face, so she's focusing on card sorting as a practical technique to be used in the design of information environments. As a practitioner who's had to learn most of what I know about card sorting by doing it, I love the focus she's got for this book, and I know Donna can pull it off.

If you have experience running card sorts, you might consider helping Donna by completing a survey on card sorting that she's running.

Donna has written a number of articles for Boxes and Arrows, including a "definitive guide on Card sorting".

Donna is also an active member of the Usability Professionals' Association (UPA), is a local ambassador for UXnet (the User Experience Network), and is very active in the IA Institute.

More Info: Rosenfeld Media - Card Sorting Book

Additional Card Sorting Resources:
- STC's Card Sorting Resource List
- Card Sorting at IAwiki
- Card sorting at iaslash

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Lou Rosenfeld said...

Lyle, thanks for spreading the word. We're very excited to have Donna in the Rosenfeld Media "stable".