August 13, 2002

Our search is broken and we're broke
Sounds like the name of a blues song written by a geek band, but it's just the title of this post...don't dwell on it too much. The Intranet Journal has a couple of good articles on search. They cover problems with poor quality search, metadata, taxonomies, and meta-taggin' tools:

The Search isn't Broken - We're Broken
The Search isn't Broken - Part II

Note: the Grown Men site's great illustrations (like the Jimi-esque one on the home page ) are done by none other than Berkeley Breathed - the demented creator of Bloom County and other comic strips. The guy wrawks...much like heavy-metal rockin' DeathTongue would.

Blues Lyric of the Day:
"I'm so broke I can't even spend the night."
- Buddy Guy

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