August 13, 2002

The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business2.0
From Business 2.0

"In a perfect world, a list like this would not exist. In a perfect world, businesses would be run with the utmost integrity and competence. But ours is, alas, an imperfect world, and if we must live in one where Enron, Geraldo Rivera, and Cottonelle Fresh Rollwipes exist, the least we can do is catalog the absurdities."

They left out the 102nd Dumbest Moment: putting 101 dumb things online in 10-thing bites. Here's the "printable" version - which most sites should just call "the version without all the extra crap you usually don't want anyway, the version that you can print or read waaaaay easier than the other marketing-centric version -- a.k.a. the more usable version."

My favorites:
16. "No one will deny that Sony is a world-class hardware company, and no one would deny that Microsoft is a world-class software company. Nintendo aspires to be neither one of those things." -- Peter Main, a Nintendo marketing executive, to the San Francisco Chronicle

20. The Gartner Group issues trading cards featuring its analysts.

33. "We've been doubling sales every 18 months. However, when you start from zero, it takes a long while." -- Stephen Yeo, a marketing director at Windows-terminal manufacturer Wyse, explaining his company's less-than-meteoric rise, to ZDNet UK

40. The Newspaper Association of America names Kmart its "Retailer of the Year" on Jan. 21, 2002, one day before the company files for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.

71. Why You Still Don't Have Broadband, Part 3: "There will always be crybaby boobies who are unhappy with any company." -- Martha Sessums, spokeswoman for DSL provider Covad, illustrating in an interview with the customer-service strategy that helped her company plummet into bankruptcy

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