December 13, 2001

Quit running around like a...
I heard via the rumor mill Monday that was going belly up. Checked out the site Tuesday AM and noticed that the content was days old (unusual in good times). As I was poking around on the site, they pulled the there's just a home page with a virtual epitaph.

I worked on the incubation project before it had a name. We only had four people on the project and a lot of ideas that evolved about 50 different ways. I never thought a "business plan" could change so much in such a short time. In the end, it was a brutal, fast-paced 12 months of hard work that taught me a lot. Now I feel I've gained a new membership to a community of people that defined the dawn of the millenium -- those who slaved away on failed dot-coms.

I guess I can say I was there to witness the very beginning and the very end.

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