August 08, 2006

Oz -IA 2006

An IA conference in Sydney, Australia looks to have a great lineup of presenters. I've met a few of the presenters, and just wish I didn't have all this "real work" to do, and could just attend conferences around the world for a living. (Anyone who'd like to gainfully employ me to attend conferences on their behalf, please email me at

Thomas Vander Wal, Dan Saffer, Donna Maurer, Eric Scheid, and Ash Donaldson are all folks I wouldn't mind seeing present. I just met Ash at the UPA 2006 conference in June - great guy. I recall we had a nifty discussion about Activity Theory over drinks one evening.

I also think the navigation on the Oz-IA site is neat. It's humorous and ironic that IA's would design and use an image of a Post-It note/whiteboard site map diagram for main made me chuckle. (The site's small enough that this design works just fine and conveys a certain "IA-ishness" to users.) It's very creative...I like it.

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