November 07, 2003

Wheel Mouse + Drop-downs = Gotcha! for Ecommerce Sites and Web Form Users

The lesson: new user input devices can create new interaction issues... The Devil’s in the Details

So, trying to scroll toward the submit button, you have actually changed your credit card expiry from 2004 to 2009, before you realize the wheelie isn’t scrolling the page. Furrowing your brow, focused on the fact the wheel isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing – and completely unaware you’ve entered a new expiry – you click your mouse (the technological equivalent of kicking your car’s tires), thereby locking in your new selection – and continue with the process. You submit the order ... The next thing you know, you’ve got one of those emails that I got (hopefully a nice one). “Your credit card was declined.”

I've personally experienced this problem. This would be a great interaction issue for someone to research. (Hint, hint, folks at SURL...)

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