July 15, 2002

Tog's back
After roaming the earth for months in a motorhome, Tog's posted a new article on his site -- the first since last November.
Call Center: Profit or Loss? -- How Call Centers can Make or Break Companies

Your call center is vital to you company's continued success. Your people should be charged with several jobs:
1. Answer questions.
2. Pass people on to a higher level if you are not able to help them, either within the call center structure or, upon occasion, to others within the company.
3. Build FAQ's and other website self-help information sources based on frequency and seriousness of calls, thereby constantly reducing the total call volume.
4. Collect bug reports.
5. Assign priorities to bugs based on frequency.
6. Identify those bugs/problems costing the call center the most money and quantify how much money that is.
7. Pass along potential solutions to known, baffling problems.

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