May 03, 2002

K-logs? We're talking about weblogs in business use...not corn flakes!
I posted a bit about blogs as knowledge management a while back. I came across a couple of recent articles that try to label the concept and give examples of its benefits.

from What is a k-log?
"Some people are taking the concept of weblogs and applying it to the wider concept of knowledge management. The result is k-logging ("knowledge-logging")."

The article above misses the point about how blogs can help employees find internal expertise. A big part of leveraging "knowledge" within an organization is about finding the right people. There's some discussion of the k-logging concept here and more here.

from Business pros flock to Weblogs
"The experiment has been so successful that Javaid says he plans to expand it until virtually everyone at his 60-person company, Mobilocity, has a Weblog. Javaid’s brief experience has convinced him that far from an exercise in self-indulgence, Weblogs actually can be used to increase worker efficiency."

In the same article, Dan Gillmor has an interesting quote:
“My readers know more than I do, and that’s a liberating notion, not a scary one,” he says. “Every journalist ought to realize it’s true. No matter what you cover, your readers know more collectively than you do. If we can capture that, we all come out ahead.”

Now think about that from a corporate KM perspective: subject matter experts will learn from their readers/customers/co-workers -- and then pipe it right back out into their community via their weblog. As the Fabulous Thunderbirds say, that's powerful stuff.

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