April 06, 2002

Pictures taken on the road: American Mile Markers
Kodak has a feature story on Matt Frondorf, an engineer who took a trip from New York to San Francisco with his 35mm camera snapping pictures out his car window once every mile. The resulting photos are very cool, as is Matt's story about how he did it -- changing film every 36 miles!

“I think I got what I hoped to get,” he says. “I wanted to be able to assemble long, continuous pieces to get a feel for vastness. To look at one wheat field doesn’t have the same quality as looking at the whole wheat belt.”

He made the trip of over 3,300 miles in just 6 days. Tip: I preferred looking at the Qucktime movies rather than the Flash "picture viewer" -- seemed to be a better way to experience the photos.

[via Slashdot by way of Alterslash]

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