January 27, 2002

The Internet is NOT evil
A UK group has called for an "International Internet Free day". They are asking people take the day "to meet friends and family and rediscover life in the 'real world'."

This attitude that the Internet somehow degrades the quality of "real life" is absolutely ridiculous. The Internet, like other technologies is more often used to enhance peoples live than to degrade it.

But, if I were in London, I could spend the day with this bunch of technophobes touring Royal Festival Hall, Oxo Tower Wharf, the Tate Modern museum, and Shakespeare's Globe theatre. But since I don't live in London, maybe I could just check these interesting places out on the web. Some, like the Globe, even have a virtual tour. ...or maybe I'll chat or trade emails and photos with my friends and relatives who live far away.

Can people over-use technology? Sure. Take a look at telephones, television, pagers, video games and hair color. As they say, moderation is the key.

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