January 07, 2002

Handspring Treo: product of good design processes
I was impressed with the number of good design practices mentioned in an article about the new Handspring Treo, which combines PDA, wireless Internet access and a mobile phone

Prototyping: "You can sit around and argue for another hour, but with the prototype, it becomes obvious where you screwed up"

User profiling: "Novice users are supposed to find the most- used functions in an intuitive way, while more advanced users can find shortcuts through more complex button sequences."

Ethnographic research: "Celine Pering sat for hours near busy intersections or near entrances to subway stops in Europe and Japan, examining how people used their cell phones. She also hopped into the cars of friends and family of Handspring workers, snapping pictures and taking notes on drivers who were dialing."

Now I'm interested in actually playing with a Treo...I could use a better cell phone.

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