January 25, 2002

Corporate blogging (or Blogging for Dollars)
Peter has some great thoughts about web logs ('blogs") and how they facilitate "free-ranging discussions hopping from page to page, with little structure apart from the hyperlink... Such discussions can be hard to 'follow,' but I think attempting to 'follow' them misses part of the point.."

I think it's likely to spur some good discussion. Personally, I've been looking into the use of weblogs within a corporate environment. I think they can help move "knowledge management" closer to something attainable.

I think what's really cool about blogs is the power they give people to share -- it's knowledge management at its most informal and chaotic. It's about a virtual community -- a community of communities if you will. I think there's a place for managed chaos in a corporate setting. Chaos is at the heart of much invention and innovation...

Blogging also has a aspect of reputation management as David Walker said on his site:
"Weblogs' users don't vote within the site; they vote by choosing the site as a reliable source of guidance. In effect, they say to the site's author: "you make the choices I'd make if I had time". The Webloggers become the makers and breakers of reputations within their (usually narrow) areas of interest. And the mass of Weblogs becomes another reputation management system."

In a corporate setting, a reputation management system could help people find subject matter experts and could help identify the most successful or valuable projects.

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